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Formwork system / Tilting table

In a modern production plant for precast concrete parts, the formwork system is the "heart" of the plant. The formwork is in direct contact with the concrete and is therefore crucial to a high degree of the accuracy and quality of the precast concrete products. To ensure a high level of profitability, the formwork system must be in addition simple and easy to use. The long-lasting Weckenmann experience is found in every formwork, from the customer consultation to the design, manufacturing and dispatch to the customer.
Basic strengths and advantages are distinguishing features of the Weckenmann tilting tables. They are made of special sheet metal with a flat and even surface of high quality and therefore guarantee a top-quality production of wall elements and facades. In addition, the latest high-frequency vibrators assure an optimum concrete compaction. Thus, Weckenmann can basically adapt the tilting tables to meet the specific country and company conditions of the client.

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Exhibitor: Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG