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Automatic Re-bar Twin-Bender, working directly from coil.
• Unmatched production flexibility, due to combination of our superior multi-line straightening technology and the two independently operating bending stations
• The combined and synchronous operation of the multi-line straightening machine and the two bending stations allows the machine to produce straight bars, out of any line and/or bent bars and stirrups automatically.
• A straightening & cutting machine with up to six lines feeds the re-bar into the bending machine. Straightening section employs Rotor with advanced (4G) hyperbolic roller straightening technology.
• Excellent straightening, without rib reduction and rebar marking.
• Unique convergence wire guide system for automatic re-bar diameter changes in less than 2 seconds (patented).
• The extremely fast and automatic coil and bending tool changes, enables the production of different rebar diameters in the same batch without complicated collection systems.

Exhibitor: Eurobend GmbH