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About us

Established in 1892, Wehrhahn is the leading supplier of machines and technologies for advanced production plants: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC), fibre cement boards, quicklime and dry mortar.Our full service covers research and development, mechanical and electrical design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and after sales services. Expert support for our customers during the production complement our services. Wehrhahn Automation offers feasible electric and automation solutions for buyers in various industries. Leading technology - made in Germany.


Muehlenstr. 15
27753 Delmenhorst

Phone:  +49 4221 12710

Contact person:

Dr. Klaus Bohnemann
President & CEO
Phone: +49 4221 12710

Products & Services

Wehrhahn - Design and manufacture of production plants for the building material industry: Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) - a light weight champion, suitable for all types of wall construction, produced as blocks or panels.

Easy handling, precise dimensions, excellent thermal properties. Fibre cement - autoclaving or aircuring technology, flat and corrugated sheets for internal and external use, suitable for all types of buildings. Quicklime - hard burnt lime for the AAC industry or soft burnt lime.

Dry mortar - a well-mixed blend of various raw materials used for many kinds of construction material.

Over 200 plants for the production of AAC blocks and panels, fibre cement, lime plants and numerous other special designs are in use across all climate zones throughout the world. This makes Wehrhahn global leader.

Wehrhahn advanced production plants for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)

Wehrhahn advanced production plants for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Characterised by outstanding precision, productivity and reliability, Wehrhahn machinery and technology ensure high quality, economic and flexible production of AAC blocks and panels. Various plant types offer: -different automation degrees - capacities between 250 - 2100 m³ (others on request) Leading technology - made in Germany.

Autoclaving cakes in flat or upright position - Wehrhahn AAC production lines

The thickness cutter allows to cut the solid block into very thin blocks without damaging it.

Flexible production: Wehrhahn sorting and palletising system for AAC production of maximum capacity

Wehrhahn SMART new generation: from 500 to 1500 m³/day - step-by-step expansion of your production

The highest quality aerated concrete panels on Wehrhahn machines - for fast building construction

Fast and reliable AAC production

Perfect autoclaving: Wehrhahn WACO autoclave control system ensures optimum autoclave processing

Wehrhahn service - always close to the customer

The latest quality control and packaging system for reinforced aerated concrete wall elements

Wehrhahn advanced production plants for the production of fibre cement

Efficient, fully automated sheet production plants for
high quality fibre cement products with a range of
superior qualities: heat and moisture resistant, frost-
proof, non-combustible, flexible and affordable.
Wehrhahn plants are specifically tailored to individual
needs and local conditions, resulting in cost-efficient
production of flat and corrugated fibre cement sheets
for internal or external application.

Wehrhahn high-performance plant for the production of the highest quality fibre cement sheets

High quality fibre cement sheets in the finished product warehouse

Wehrhahn sheeting machine

5-sieve sheeting machine for high production capacity

Wehrhahn advanced production plants and technology for the production of dry mortar

Wehrhahn dry mix mortar plants comprise several individual sections, prepared for the investor in a growing market. The batchers and the mixers are installed inside the building whilst raw material silos stand on their own legs besides the building. This makes the plant compact, easy to install or to relocate to other markets.

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