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Ströher GmbH

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About us

We are constantly pushing the supposed limits of what is possible to resource-conserving, extraordinary architectural products made of clay that sustainably accentuate facades and floors, both indoors and outdoors, claymazing.

Stylish clinker brick slips for thermally insulated facades, frost-resistant and durable outdoor tiles for balconies and terraces, and contemporary lifestyle tiles for energy-efficient living. Ströher delivers an outstanding quality in ceramic and clinker-performance that will win you over with its sustainability.

We combined our traditional manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art clinker ceramics engineering and cutting-edge surface coating technologies.

Using a wide variety of compositions of over 50 quality clays, we create natural products fired in shape and design, which we cut from a moist, malleable clay bar and then high-performance sinter in high-temperature firing. Sustainably and energy-efficiently, needless to mention.

Fascination in clay.

The production site in Dillenburg, Germany.

Made in Germany in high-tech production facilities

For exceptional clinker brick façades, Moscow Heart

Aesthetic long clinker brick formats for architecturally sophisticated façades.

Architectural fires. Solutions for architectural visions and concepts.


Ströher GmbH
Stroeherstr. 2–10
35683 Dillenburg

Phone:  +49 2771 3910

Contact person:

Andreas Manweiler
Area Manager
Phone: +49 151 14803062

Products & Services

Not just a Facade, but a true Statement.

Emphasizing with clinker brick slips. Clinker brick slips facades do not crumble. Even when scratched. Understatement to statement, we understand clinker brick slips.

Energy-efficient - and sustainably sinter fired. Reduced, oxidized or engobed. Monochrome or in an distinctive, oscillating play of colors. With a wide range of surfaces. From gentle water strokes to expressive charcoal firing. In classic standard size or thin format. Also in the sophisticated long format or bar format.

On the exterior wall of a house, in full cladding or accentuating. For a sustainable statement. Steady in the midst of the constant changes in contemporary architectural trends.

Our clinker brick innovations Farbklang and Nuancist will inspire you. Whether in the classic NF or the sophisticated long format, as a classic clinker brick for gluing or as a system and profiled clinker bricks for curtain wall systems. A visit to our stand is worthwhile.

Brick-to-Click: Curtain Wall System Bricks

Ströher offers genuine clinker made in Germany for various curtain facade solutions. As natural products made of clay, Brick to Click clinker brick slips are plastically formed in a resource-efficient way from columns of moist clay and fired using the latest production technology. As a result, our sintered ceramic is almost water-resistant and is not only colour-fast and pressure-resistant, but is also guaranteed to be frost-resistant and dirt-repellent.
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Long format bricks

Successful modern-day architecture now demands more than just a particularly straight-edged design. Current trends in architecture focus on intelligent building technology for interiors. And the focus for exteriors is on a state of the art outer building skin that breathes by using natural materials. In a much sought after manner, Ströher combines the traditional impression to the elegant simplicity of the special long format.
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An aesthetic and modern impression: clinker brick slips in long format

Glazed clinker brick slips

Clinker brick slips are bound to little. That leaves room. For creativity. Where there is room for free design, that's where the "architectural firing" area of expertise comes in. We can do architectural firing; unusual formats and surfaces. And especially in glazed, radiant colours. From RAL red or sophisticated deep black.
Even unusual in grass green. Plain or multicolour. Single or double firing.
Classically glazed. Or limitless with innovative digital printing. That is our glaze expertise.
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